Some Old Friends End Up in Unexpected Places, in Unexpected Ways

The afternoon of April 23rd was pretty much a typical afternoon for me, I generally take a break and sit for a few minutes with a cup of coffee and peruse the internet.  I came across a Chattic interview with Nicole Sawyer and  Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva, titled "Learn How to Pair Timeless Treasures with Modern Designs."  Toma is owner of the world's largest antique touring company, with antique tours in England, France, Thailand, Cambodia, Italy, Myanmar, Sweden, Denmark, Vietnam, Germany, Indonesia, Belgium, Laos, and United States.  The interview was charming, informative and quite enjoyable, so I found myself all caught up in it and loving the lively exchange between Nicole and Toma, then Andrew Ford, when up popped the image of a painting I did years ago when the subject came to mixing art and antiques.  The last I saw of that painting was when it was being placed in a crate headed to Las Vegas! I hadn't thought of that painting in eons!  Well that was fun and totally unexpected!

If you love antiques, and want to watch this wonderful short video I am including it below, it is a lot of fun, and you can learn about a new app coming soon which teaches you how to value vintage and antique treasures from those in the know! 

Toma Clark Haines "What I like is when you take a Renaissance piece and then mix it in a room.  Throw in an Eames chair.  Throw in a grand master painting simultaneously, that's what works with antiques."

Andrew Ford, Ford Art & Antiques, Inc. : "I would agree, and that is a lot of what you are seeing in design magazines these days.  And maybe an 18th century commode with a more contemporary painting..."

... and there she was.  My painting.  Sometimes you run into an old friend when having a sip of coffee and perusing the internet.



Terry said...

Yeah baby.

Tina said...

Thanks for the big smile, Terry.