And the winner is....

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who participated in the giveway drawing which began on 12/3/12.  A special thanks to Michele at My Notting Hill for blogging on this giveaway, I appreciate you so very much.
Our precious granddaughter was pleased to be the official name puller, and drew the winning name today, and though you can't read it well because the image is blurry, the winning name drawn was Terry, of Architecture Tourist!  Congrats, Terry, I will be contacting you.

I wish you all could have been winners.  Stay tuned I hope to have another giveaway in the future.  Again, thank you all so much. 


A Still Life plus Pics of Lunch with Daughter

Our youngest daughter and I lunched yesterday at Teacups & Cupcakes in historic downtown Hiram, GA.  This is the walkway in front of a few stores. 
Daughter checking out the menu, we ordered chicken salad and it was excellent.
Cupcake display, too cute...
... but not as cute as this little cupcake!   What is not to love here? 

Had to take this pic on the way out, it was quite more festive than my photos let on...
- Hiram Ga is north of I-20 - just west of Atlanta.
Teacups & Cupcakes

Now about the still life painting...

It has been literally ten years since I've done a still life painting. For those who enjoy more traditional work this 6"x8" oil painting on canvas board was kept loose in an attempt to keep the salad greens from appearing visually flat. I have some process pics for any artists interested in seeing, drop me an email. I enjoyed this little quick piece.  Now, dont' forget my GIVEAWAY!



I have a giveaway which will run for two weeks - you have until midnight December 14th to enter!  The giveaway is a choice option of either a small original work of mine OR some new art supplies for you yourself to create with, because everyone - everyone is an artist, they just don't know it!  Either way it is all good!

To be eligible one must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect Join This Site option located at the bottom of this blog "AND" leave a comment on this post letting me know you are following and which giveaway option you'd prefer if your name is picked - it is that simple!

December starts tomorrow, seems like yesterday it was pumpkins and goblins!  December is full-on dedication to completing art commissions by the holidays, so while on that subject I am reminded of the wonderful Support Your Small Business Owner campaigns of late.  During this holiday season if you are going to shop I hope it will be with the independent business owner whenever possible.  Continued best wishes for you and yours ~

Photo credit HERE


Edward Had A Secret ...

...but the secret is out!
Pamela Terry has made our favorite stories complete with a compilation just in time for the holidays!  The most charming writer we've come across in some time has given us a gift in hardcover form! We've treasured Edward and Pamela for years, and now we can share with friends and loved ones her wonderful stories to enjoy time and again; so make haste   before there is a waiting list!



Is it nice?

I am seriously considering leaving Blogger to blog from my website. Would love feedback from anyone who has changed from blogger to a website successfully.  If you have a moment, please post a comment or email me! steelelindsey@ymail.com

Thank you!


Bernini ...

I just feel absolutely worthless and lazy each time I read about Bernini.  Often referred to as the successor of Michelangelo, Bernini produced great works of art, architecture, and sculpture - one of his greatest by the age of 23.  I am reminded with Bernini what is truly important as an artist, time dedicated to excellence.  I doubt seriously if I were his student he'd put up with even one minute of blogging or social media, for certain.  Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1598-1690, was a an artist, sculptor, architect, writer and metal worker far surpassing his contemporaries.  Vast amount of information may be found  HERE and I urge everyone if you have at least five minutes to peruse that page; there are links to roughly sixty works in marble, as well as paintings and architecture.  What a gifted individual from his youth through old age, reminding all of us what can be accomplished when dedicated to it.


I Want to Hold Your Hand


Pierre Julien (French, 1731-1804), Gladiateur mourant [Dying Gladiator]
reception piece for the Académie 1779
Marble, 60 x 48 x 42 cm. Musée du Louvre, Paris
My mouth just drops when it comes to sculpture.  Examine that hand, will you? 
 When all the canvases are dry rotted and withered away, the sculpture will stand the test of time.


Working on a Smaller Scale - loose and fun

Okay, lest anyone gasp and say, "Oh my," the nature of this little piece is totally about freedom and fun, not about photo realism.  I am not one to stick to doing one thing, I have to go with whatever mood I am in unless I am doing a specific piece for a client.  I  was spoiled today working on this small piece compared to those large abstracts.
(and yes, I know her lips are white, on purpose - lol)
Keeping everyone in thought on the eastern seaboard. 
8"x6" oil on canvas board
Thanks for your visit! ~ TSL


Castro Design Center - II

The minimalist in me adores this space by Atlanta's Rodolfo Castro. Formerly an unfinished basement, designer Rodolfo Castro has wonderfully turned the space into a comfortably situated wine cellar. I've mentioned Rodolfo previously on this blog, as well as photographer Blayne Beacham who is responsible for this gorgeous image, both two of my Atlanta favorites. This space is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine, listening to music, reading a good book, writing letters or doing some sketching! Just a gorgeous and simple space which was previously unused, I am certain the homeowners are thrilled. I always look forward to seeing what Rodolfo is up to, I hope you've enjoyed this as well. Chime in with your thoughts!


Quote from the wonderful Julio Reyes

Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, but never sacrifice your integrity for the sake of an art career. A great art career without love for what you do, or respect for what you did to attain it is a tragic loss. Have faith in what you are, because that faith will be tested; and be audacious, because you will need it to courageously express a genuine vision. - Julio Reyes


Mosey T. Jones


Mosey T. Jones - Tina Steele Lindsey

Chalk drawing of Mosey T. Jones, family member of Kyle Tibbs Jones of And She Told Two Friends Communications, LLC. His delightful expression so cracked me up I had to grab some chalk and capture it. If animals could talk...
Embrace every good moment.


Victor Denfrey Steele

Victor Denfrey Steele

Victor Denfrey Steele

Yesterday marked the fourth year of Victor Steele's passing.  For anyone unfamiliar with my father's art I wish to direct you  to a link "HERE" to view a sampling of his work.  He was passionate about painting, our country, politics, and life.

What is good art to me? Works that appear effortless, with a good masure of tenderness. - TSL   



The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply. -
Kahlil Gibran


Loving Castro Design Studio

image Castro Design Studio, LLC
I would adore having some spaces like this to display art pieces. 
I've mentioned Rodolfo Castro, of Castro Design Studio, previously on this blog.
His calm spaces are such a respite from the fast pace world we live in.
This would be perfect for paintings, pottery, glass, iron, sculpture, etc.
The possibilities are endless.
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Loving Children

Emma B.

A precious child walked into the work area where I was concentrating on a nude subject.
It was too late to do anything about it.
She paused a moment, then enthusiastically exclaimed,
"I have a great idea!  You should draw people with clothes on like I do  
... I can show you how!"
And she did.


Peaceful New Year

Wishing you and yours
a new year of peace and abundant love.