Just as it is ~

"One day you will ask me which is more important, my life or yours?  I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life" - Khalil Gibran

In the middle of creating this painting, the individual who commissioned it came through the door: “Oh-my-gosh I just love this - it is perfect!”  I laughed explained I had not taken it to the place I was heading; a little punch up here, and a delicate movement there, and a splash of accent color there, etc. is where I was headed.  “No, don’t I love it just as it is!”  So I put down my brush.  :-)


From the House of Edward

One of the most charming blogs I've ever come across is hands down From the House of Edward  by Pamela Terry.
If you are not yet familiar with Pamela and Edward stop everything now and check out this beautifully enchanting blog; you will definitely wish  to join the throngs of people who follow this gifted writer.  Pamela is one of those rare individuals who received an extra dose of grace and talent when she came into this world, and we are so thankful she shares her gifts with us.  Art abounds on this blog, and so does Edward.  Edward?  Edward, too, is heaven sent.