Thank You Style Curator

Thank you to wonderful Style Curator for including my art in your fun August 16th The Love List post! I am a new reader of this terrific blog on travel, art, design and fashion, you will love it, too! For further information on Style Curator and the other items listed, click the August 16th link! Thank you so much!


A Serendipitous Moment

My husband returned from a meeting this afternoon carrying a magazine. I knew something was up, he's not a magazine kind of guy. He began flipping the pages, stopped, and passed the magazine to me. To my surprise there was a photo at the top of the page. I laughed.  It was my photo, however this page is
is from a cover story, Expanding the Footprint, by Tyler Montgomery, on fitness mogul Michael Olander, in May 2010 edition of Club Solutions magazine. What is serendipitous is that I had just exchanged emails this morning with the designer I collaborated with a couple years ago on commissioned art pieces for this particular project, Maike Caudle.  What a nice surprise to see this.


Capella Kincheloe - A Capella Respite

From a Capella Kincheloe photo shoot which I touched upon last week in my post Atlanta is A-Buzz
This amazingly tranquil space is a wondrous respite from the demands of the outside world; calming, inviting in every sense of the word. I think we all need a space like this!
Capella, thank you, it was such an honor to have an abstract a part of your shoot.
To learn more about Capella, visit her website and design blog A Curated Lifestyle, as well as check out this post in the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles blog.
Capella, thank you for being a great addition to the design community in Atlanta!


Atlanta's Claire Watkins

I was standing in a gorgeous room bathed in early morning light so soft and pure it was magic, eased my nerves typical to that space in time between completing a painting and when it is viewed for the first time.  I hoped the designer would be pleased with the piece I created using a photograph of the room as inspiration.  Respected photographer Amy Herr was due any minute, new furnishings had been placed where pieces in the photo had once been - oh how the room had been transformed by the designer's vision, gorgeous!  My thoughts were interrupted by voices followed by that kind of contagious laugh that makes you grin even not knowing what the laughter is about. A tall and beautiful individual with a big smile entered the room handing me a dozen yellow roses, "Thank you for coming, these are for you!”   Thus began a little time spent with delightful Atlanta designer Claire Watkins complete with a warm introduction to amazing Amy Herr
My first knowledge of Claire was through notable Atlanta bloggers about a year ago. There has always been a buzz about Claire, everyone seems to know her, and to know her is to love her, to view her work is to know her even better and love her even more.  Claire is a grad of the art school at The University of Georgia with a BFA in interior design, her expertise in commercial and residential design, space planning, and staging.  I once visited a commercial space she had just completed, but this was my first foray into her residential work, love it!  Thanks, Claire!


Capella Kincheloe

This week I had the opportunity to work with two amazing designers in Atlanta, Claire Watkins and Capella Kincheloe.  Both were working on photo shoots with fast deadlines and were super to request my abstracts.  I have not seen the images so I am unable to post as yet, but as Atlanta is all a-buzz today about the news which included Capella's, I can expound on that!  Capella has been named among a list of impressive designers on the hugely anticipated Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle’s Christmas House!  Her credentials are impressive having worked four years in Los Angeles with acclaimed designer Michael S. Smith, the current White House decorator. Capella is a grad of USC and has also worked in production design in film and television; her last project, The Prestige, was nominated for an Academy Award in Production Design.  Capella has worked on design projects all over the world, and will be one to definitely watch.  Further information may be found via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle’s blog, as well as the Official Atlanta Christmas House website.  On a personal note, Capella is one of those individuals who has the rare gift to articulate in few words what might take others several sentences to convey, myself included.  She is an extremely warm individual, do visit her website and blog and learn more about this gracious and talented individual.  Congrats to Capella and to all the talented participants in this event, and thank you for letting me be a small part of your big world this week.


Tina Steele Lindsey - Groundless

To relinquish a present good through apprehension of a future evil is in most instances unwise ~ from a fear which may afterwards turn out groundless, you lost the good that lay within your grasp. 

-Francesco Guicciardini

Groundless - 32x48 a/c 


Life exists for the love of music or beautiful things -

Life exists for the love of music or beautiful things.
~G.K. Chesterton~
Art Walk on Marietta Square continues first Friday of September and October, be sure to stop in and view some wonderful contemporary art!
This was my last show evening at dk Gallery, thanks, it was a wonderful time!


Tina Steele Lindsey - Anissa


I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is - try to please everybody. ~ Herbert Bayard Swope

30x48 on canvas

Dove Hits 2002 was the musical accompaniment.