Working on a Smaller Scale - loose and fun

Okay, lest anyone gasp and say, "Oh my," the nature of this little piece is totally about freedom and fun, not about photo realism.  I am not one to stick to doing one thing, I have to go with whatever mood I am in unless I am doing a specific piece for a client.  I  was spoiled today working on this small piece compared to those large abstracts.
(and yes, I know her lips are white, on purpose - lol)
Keeping everyone in thought on the eastern seaboard. 
8"x6" oil on canvas board
Thanks for your visit! ~ TSL


Castro Design Center - II

The minimalist in me adores this space by Atlanta's Rodolfo Castro. Formerly an unfinished basement, designer Rodolfo Castro has wonderfully turned the space into a comfortably situated wine cellar. I've mentioned Rodolfo previously on this blog, as well as photographer Blayne Beacham who is responsible for this gorgeous image, both two of my Atlanta favorites. This space is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine, listening to music, reading a good book, writing letters or doing some sketching! Just a gorgeous and simple space which was previously unused, I am certain the homeowners are thrilled. I always look forward to seeing what Rodolfo is up to, I hope you've enjoyed this as well. Chime in with your thoughts!


Quote from the wonderful Julio Reyes

Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, but never sacrifice your integrity for the sake of an art career. A great art career without love for what you do, or respect for what you did to attain it is a tragic loss. Have faith in what you are, because that faith will be tested; and be audacious, because you will need it to courageously express a genuine vision. - Julio Reyes