Edward Had A Secret ...

...but the secret is out!
Pamela Terry has made our favorite stories complete with a compilation just in time for the holidays!  The most charming writer we've come across in some time has given us a gift in hardcover form! We've treasured Edward and Pamela for years, and now we can share with friends and loved ones her wonderful stories to enjoy time and again; so make haste   before there is a waiting list!



Is it nice?

I am seriously considering leaving Blogger to blog from my website. Would love feedback from anyone who has changed from blogger to a website successfully.  If you have a moment, please post a comment or email me! steelelindsey@ymail.com

Thank you!


Bernini ...

I just feel absolutely worthless and lazy each time I read about Bernini.  Often referred to as the successor of Michelangelo, Bernini produced great works of art, architecture, and sculpture - one of his greatest by the age of 23.  I am reminded with Bernini what is truly important as an artist, time dedicated to excellence.  I doubt seriously if I were his student he'd put up with even one minute of blogging or social media, for certain.  Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1598-1690, was a an artist, sculptor, architect, writer and metal worker far surpassing his contemporaries.  Vast amount of information may be found  HERE and I urge everyone if you have at least five minutes to peruse that page; there are links to roughly sixty works in marble, as well as paintings and architecture.  What a gifted individual from his youth through old age, reminding all of us what can be accomplished when dedicated to it.


I Want to Hold Your Hand


Pierre Julien (French, 1731-1804), Gladiateur mourant [Dying Gladiator]
reception piece for the Académie 1779
Marble, 60 x 48 x 42 cm. Musée du Louvre, Paris
My mouth just drops when it comes to sculpture.  Examine that hand, will you? 
 When all the canvases are dry rotted and withered away, the sculpture will stand the test of time.