Tina Steele Lindsey's Lost In Translation - Close-up

This is actually a 3x3 section of a larger painting (36x60) I have completely finished painting, I will post the entire painting later. 

Let's talk abstraction.  I am a fairly traditionalist artist, so when it comes to abstraction a more traditional approach does have its disadvantages.  Unlike mixed media or collage I do not have much to work with other than paint and a brush.  Painting this way is very basic and raw, moving paint around on a surface essentially waiting to see what comes forward that you can work with. 
All artists work differently, and I find I am NOT able to work abstraction out ahead of time on paper and try to reproduce. I worked Nocturne out on a small board, initially, and thankfully the larger painting was better working larger, and that was the only time.  Simply put, what comes spontaneously for me cannot be duplicated, something will be lost in translation
Here's hoping life is treating you well.  Until later ~