Orange Mallow II ~ and you flu, too?

This is Orange Mallow II, a square version of my original Orange Mallow which has been highlighted on this blog previously.  It is a commissioned piece.  This is something I generally would never attempt regarding most of my abstractions, however this particular painting had focal points to work off in lieu of big swaths of color.  I was able to deliver the same feel and look of the first but with some differences, and it be uniquely its own.  There will be no Orange Mallow III, the first and second stand on their own and I have enjoyed their processes immensely.
Now, I've been sick for 13 days and am as weak as water... I feel like a helium balloon!  


Karena said...

Love the art Tina!

Have you loaded up on Vitamin C?

Art by Karena

TSL said...

Totally loaded - over the brim! xo I hope you are much improved!

Anonymous said...

You should consider hot water and honey, it will expedite wellness, but make sure the honey is real honey, much of it on the grocery shelves say honey, but it is mostly fructose corn syrup. What did you have, that nasty flu?

TSL said...

Most likely. Like a dummy I kept thinking the next day would be better. My guess is surely I am at the end of it, silly me. Will do the honey and hotwater, we've got some good honey.

Lori Buff said...

Lots of vitamin C. Echinacea is also good and get some sleep when your body tells you to rest. Feel better soon.

TSL said...

Thanks, Lori, I think I took Echinacea years ago, for a short period, I should try again. Hope you stay well, just had a phone call this afternoon from an old friend and the whole family has and had the same thing.


I am sorry your not feeling well.


TSL said...

Glenda, I am feeling better today, a little less exhausted than yesterday, and I'll take it! Thank you for your words!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

It's an amazing piece, everytime I see one like this I can't help feeling envious and wish it was for me!

Wish I has some advise for the flu- it's everywhere! Hope you feel better soon.

TSL said...

Thank you thank you thank you! We can make that happen!