I Want to Hold Your Hand


Pierre Julien (French, 1731-1804), Gladiateur mourant [Dying Gladiator]
reception piece for the Académie 1779
Marble, 60 x 48 x 42 cm. Musée du Louvre, Paris
My mouth just drops when it comes to sculpture.  Examine that hand, will you? 
 When all the canvases are dry rotted and withered away, the sculpture will stand the test of time.


Anonymous said...

No kidding!

YONKS said...

I am with you on the love of sculpture. I find it so hard to believe that some man hours and a chisel can create such astounding beauty. The detail is breathtaking!

TSL said...

Can you just imagine having been there when this was created. Be still my heart. Thanks, Yonks.