Loving Castro Design Studio

image Castro Design Studio, LLC
I would adore having some spaces like this to display art pieces. 
I've mentioned Rodolfo Castro, of Castro Design Studio, previously on this blog.
His calm spaces are such a respite from the fast pace world we live in.
This would be perfect for paintings, pottery, glass, iron, sculpture, etc.
The possibilities are endless.
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Allison B. - Decatur - Go Dogs! said...

You could even add glass shelving!

rjerdee said...

lovely little getaway alcoves...

Karena said...

I adore niches like these for art glass, sculptures, pottery etc.!

PST I have a Giveaway I think you will love!

Art by Karena

TSL said...

That is a fabulous idea!

Gorgeous, you probably have some yummy things for a situation like this!

Thanks so much!!

Home Constructions said...

This is an inspiration. Very quiet and calm. I love it!

TSL said...

Home Constructions,
Thanks for your input, I agree!