Atlanta's Claire Watkins

I was standing in a gorgeous room bathed in early morning light so soft and pure it was magic, eased my nerves typical to that space in time between completing a painting and when it is viewed for the first time.  I hoped the designer would be pleased with the piece I created using a photograph of the room as inspiration.  Respected photographer Amy Herr was due any minute, new furnishings had been placed where pieces in the photo had once been - oh how the room had been transformed by the designer's vision, gorgeous!  My thoughts were interrupted by voices followed by that kind of contagious laugh that makes you grin even not knowing what the laughter is about. A tall and beautiful individual with a big smile entered the room handing me a dozen yellow roses, "Thank you for coming, these are for you!”   Thus began a little time spent with delightful Atlanta designer Claire Watkins complete with a warm introduction to amazing Amy Herr
My first knowledge of Claire was through notable Atlanta bloggers about a year ago. There has always been a buzz about Claire, everyone seems to know her, and to know her is to love her, to view her work is to know her even better and love her even more.  Claire is a grad of the art school at The University of Georgia with a BFA in interior design, her expertise in commercial and residential design, space planning, and staging.  I once visited a commercial space she had just completed, but this was my first foray into her residential work, love it!  Thanks, Claire!


Karena said...

Tina, I was simply stunned when I saw this image on Claire's site, how exciting to see your fabulous work in this way. It truly brings it to life!

Art by Karena

TSL said...

Karena, I believe that pic may be a cell phone pic, not much of the room showing or the painting, but if that is what you saw and you liked it then I am well pleased. I hope you've been well - thank you!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Congratulations!!! Hopefully you'll share the pictures?


rjerdee said...

Sounds like a lovely time.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

I love that she bought you roses ~ how incredibly gracious and kind! A very big day for you, and it was all so well-deserved!

The mansion is between Bostwick and Madison ~ guaranteed it is the same one you stopped and went through! SMALL world!


Are you kidding me Tine to have your artwork grace one of my spaces was a delight! Proud to know you and happy to call you a friend. My highest gratitude to you for your very kind words.

Splendid Willow said...

Tina - congratulations! Beauty attracts beauty!

Share images! I want to see much more of this!

A warm hug, Mon

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

I just posted pics! I hope you see them!

It was a blast, a very quick and wonderful blast that I am still enjoying right now the transformation of the room!

You are so sweet, and yes, I love this sort of thing! On the other issue, it is really cool that we both were appreciating that old home, and both been there and were in awe. It whispered quite a story, didn't it.

Splendid Willow-
I did! Hope you view, and thank you!