Art in Glass - Art in Nature

my mother's glass (above)
this evening's sunset (below)
art in glass, art in nature



Alicia said...

Very yummy. The sunset is pretty, too. My favorite time of sunset is a winter sunset.

Roberta from St. Claire said...

That glass image is wonderful. Your mother has good taste.

Unknown said...

Both pitures are lovely..I love your blog, Tina..it is so versatile..

TSL said...

Alicia, Roberta, Charlene, thank you all for taking time to comment here, I am always thrilled when folks wish to commment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've had time to study these.

They're even more yummy in real life.


Your Daughter (the eldest)

TSL said...

Heeeeyyyy sweet girl! Yes, you have! Thanks for popping in, made my day to see it!