Honoring Hironori Kawabata

As our hearts and minds are focused upon Japan and its people I wish to highlight sculptor, Hironori Kawabata. There is no denying the timeless Japanese tradition of care and dedication to any task, great or small. I've made a habit whenever I've felt careless in my work to remind myself of their excellence in all things, and doing so is a great equalizer. Thank you, Hironori, for your gift to us all in your inspiring work, our thoughts and prayers continue for your country and its honorable people. 


Wyllowpatty said...

Thank you for this artist's work.
I am extremely interested in
buying one of your abstracts.
How would I go about seeing them?
They are amazingly wonderful!

Patty Smith

rjerdee said...

thanks, Tina, for showcasing this artist's work...I totally enjoyed viewing all the images.

The Japanese events are so heartbreaking... among the many heartbreaking events of our days.

TSL @ Living In Art said...

Thank you, I am honored and I know the same would go for Hironori. Thank you for appreciating on both accounts.
Regarding purchasing one of my abstracts, please feel free to email me as I checked your profile and did not see your email address. Thank you again!

Yes, yes and yes! Thank you for always being so good to check in.