Tina Steele Lindsey on Drawing Casey Jones

I loved drawing this pastel of the wonderful late artist, Casey Jones.
Adored by all who knew him, he was a very good friend of my father's, and an excellent painter.
I can see after posting this that there is a smudge at his left temple, I will need to correct that at some point, easily done.
Click on image to view enlargement.


laurel said...

Both are amazing.

TSL said...

Thanks Laurel! I love working with pastels as you can work very quickly, no mixing of paint, and working quickly for me is a lot more fun than being so tedius with other styles of painting. I lean more toward being loose when I can, probably because I am a tad lazy. I am glad you liked these!

southernjoy said...

Oh wow! I'm not an artist by any means, but I think these pastels are just beautiful!

TSL said...

Thanks Southern Joy. I just visited your blog after reading your comment here. Wonderful post titled Convicted about the man with his finger up. And your photography, writing and those beautiful children's photos, oh my.
Very sweet blog. I should do something more meaningful on my blog. Thank you for your words.

southernjoy said...

What a sweet compliment. THANK YOU!

Your art is extremely meaningful! We just have different canvases for our expression. :-)

TSL said...

We do, indeed.