I lost two angels but gained two more ...

I bid you adieu!

And adieu to you, too!

After a particularly trying day, which I shall not go into here, a couple from Pittsburg stepped into the gallery minutes before I was leaving.  We had lovely conversation and visit, they were very complimentary.  Before leaving they purchased two of my angels, two I did not intend to sell but rather used as examples of my work; due their great enthusiasm for them I agreed to sell.  After they departed I began gathering my things to leave for the day when I spied their sales receipt on the counter.  I dashed out the door to the parking lot in order to locate them, and as I couldn't I then popped into fellow merchant's businesses hoping they were still in town, but alas the patrons were not to be found.  Returning to the gallery I locked the door and minutes later saw the gentleman hurrying across the parking lot toward the door.  Greeting him with receipt in my hand I announced I was happy he returned for it!  He replied he had not returned for the receipt but rather came back hoping I was still there, he and his wife couldn't possibly go back to Pennsylvania without purchasing two of my abstracts they had admired the first time!  So I bid farewell to my bad day, two angels, and gained two new ones!  Godspeed!  



This charcoal sketch was created last night from a photo of my muse. I caught a moment as she was heading out the door, I only wish I had the time to paint her right then and there.  Here is hoping your memories last forever.


Orange you happy...

Felt like painting feathers and lace in orange...  36x36's


Inspired to throw down some paint...



shown in the gallery window

I was inspired to paint these colors one day...
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