Loving Children

Emma B.

A precious child walked into the work area where I was concentrating on a nude subject.
It was too late to do anything about it.
She paused a moment, then enthusiastically exclaimed,
"I have a great idea!  You should draw people with clothes on like I do  
... I can show you how!"
And she did.


pve design said...

out of the mouth's of babes.
gotta love it.

Allison B. - Decatur (Go Dogs!) said...

I like the stripes, the hairbow and the big red smile. Precocious kid.

TSL said...

I almost typed that, great minds and all that jazz!

Allison B.,
Very very sweet child, I could use some lessons!

Meera Rao said...

ha ha! I love the black and red color combination and those expressive marks :)

TSL said...

Good heavens, Meera, just saw your comment, I agree, and hope you are well and enjoying your work.