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Don & Patty Bick - art patrons - Never expected to find such an amazing art gallery in the quaint little town of Rockmart. Now Lindsey's (Tina's) art will bless the walls of our home in Pennsylvania. The feeling and dedication exhibited in both her art and gallery is more than worthy of downtown Manhattan. Thank you for your inspiring talent that will be forever enjoyed in our home.

Kate Abney - (then) Associate Editor of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine:  Her acrylics-on-canvas, especially, are vivid, intricate and pleasing to the eye, but the examples shown here are only two of many that have recently captured me.  Lindsey works mostly on commission and specializes in media such as acrylic, oil and charcoal. Even her wedding portraits are imbued with energy and seem to tell very interesting stories. Lindsey posts her works—and the stories behind their making—on her blog tinasteelelindseyart.blogspot.com which is without a doubt one of my favorite new places on the net.

Katie Shoultz– I’m the owner of Sorbet.  One of the best decisions I’ve made in making that parting part of my home!  Anyway, I wanted to ask about that drawing...

Tina Lucas - Tina, I got the chill bumps.  On a trip many years ago to the Whitney Museum in NY was an exhibit of Beatrix Potter’s first sketches of her famous books… this is what I got today.  The first idea that you brought to the canvas at a later time.  It is that special…”

Eric Charr - CARE Goodwill Ambassador and CBS Fitness Expert - Want to give a shout out to the lovely Ms. Tins Steele Lindsey.  This woman puts her whole heart into her art.

Joshua Addison – Tool Room Gallery Ventura, CA:  Your painting titled Distraction draws me in.

Johnny Henny – WBGallerySoHo:  I like your abstracts!

Mike Morgan – Professor, College Administrator:  I still see your paintings in my head!

C. Maike Caudle, ASID, IIDA:  Always unexpected.  Always amazing.  Her thoughts and passion behind her art has provoked a wonderful working relationship and I know she is the first person I call when I am in need.  Versatile and talented, Tina Steele Lindsey is an extraordinary artist and professional.

Roger W. Gardner – writer:  Your work is fantastic. I especially love Calm 1 and Happiness. Calm 1 is poignant and immense. And Happiness is unique, rich and classically beautiful.

Camila Pavone – designer/blogger:  The painting arrived a couple of days ago, but it’s been madness here with events in the city Mon-Wed, but I finally opened it and it bought tears to my eyes. Truly stunning. I was beaming with pride as I hung it up! Beautiful work. I will forever treasure it.

Laura Mercurio Ebohon -   Italian Writer/Poet - I love your art, every time I look at your paintings they make me wish I had the right words to transpose them into verses!

Sally Weber - art aficionado - I believe she sees 'our secrets' ~ So beautiful... my voice whispers the sound of my words as my heart is moved by the presence of your lovely Lady.

Alisa Gentry Mullinax - retail owner - I simply love this beautiful art gallery! I'm so very impressed that we have something of this caliber in our sweet little town! If you have not visited this gallery, you must! You will love it as much as I do! Tina is such a warm and welcoming owner, with AMAZING talent!

Merari Morales - business owner - If you appreciate true beauty you need to visit Lindsey Steele Gallery, Tina Lindsey's art and all the art from the different fine artists that are showing their beautiful work it's simply amazing,