Online hackers, what a vile way to make a living ~

As luck would have it my Tina Steele Lindsey (dot) com website was hacked again.  It is just disturbing that there are those who make their living hacking websites, what a dark level to operate in. 
I built my website on the WordPress platform years ago, and this was the second, actually come to think of it the third time, so enough of WordPress for me.  Until I decide on which platform I want to build a new site upon I will be posting here and Instagram.  Just know I do not sell pharmaceuticals, that is where the clicks from my website pages were redirected, to pharmaceutical websites.  
On a positive note, bless the beasts and the children for their unconditional love!  
These little oil paintings were a joy to do, and I hope you enjoy them.
Stay in the light, be well, be happy.