Loving Wax Seals

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Ever the romantic, I still use fountain pens for letters (and drawing) and love a well written letter.  Email has taken all the fun out of letter writing, but I have a plethora of fountain pens and pen nibs, a couple bottles of ink, and one seal which I use from time to time.  

image source HERE

Quodlibet - 1675 - oil on canvas by
Cornelis Norbertus Gijsbrechts (fl. 1660–1683)

Was he really just 15 when he painted this?

 I am so enamoured with the above painting and would love to know what was written in the letters.I just get a thrill viewing this still life, what better photograph could you get from 1675!

More information on sealing wax and this painting may be found HERE.
Anyone else still use fountain pens, bottled ink and seals?